Dear Prospective Sponsor:


Circle Heart Racing was established in the Spring of 2003 with me, Ron Rigdon as the Driver/Owner. I began competing in the nationally recognized Legend Racing Series and competed at top NASCAR tracks such as Atlanta Motor Speedway (Atlanta, GA), Lowes Motor Speedway (Charlotte, NC), and Bristol Motor Speedway (Bristol, TN).  Circle Heart Racing won the Track Championship in 2007 with 5 wins and 30 top 5 finishes.

In 2008 we began racing with NASA (National Auto Sports Association) and SCCA (Sports Car Club of America). These national sanctioning bodies compete on Road Courses all across America like Road Atlanta in Georgia, Sebring International and Daytona International Speedway in Florida, Mid Ohio in Ohio, Virginia International Raceway in Virginia and Watkins Glenn in New York just to mention a few of the more recognized tracks. These are perfect venues for your company to gain recognition from potential customers.


Circle Heart Racing has competed for 4 years with NASA winning Rookie of the Year in 2008 accompanied by Southeast Championships in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. We have over 28 wins and 7 top five finished since we started racing road courses.


For the past 11 years Circle Heart Racing has been heavily involved with numerous charities in the Atlanta and surrounding area. Most notably is Speedway Children’s Charities where I serve on the board of trustees and on the Grant Review Committee. My efforts include fundraising and providing toys for foster children at Christmas.


My goals for 2015 are to compete for the National Championship in Honda Challenge 1 Class racing a Honda S2000. Circle Heart Racing will be points racing at tracks across the North and South-East to qualify for the National Championship at VIR in September 2015. I plan to heighten awareness and be directly involved with children’s charities helping them in their time of need; racing for the smiles of tomorrow.


This sponsorship entitlement proposal will detail all of the benefits your company can expect to receive in 2014 - 2015. The affiliation will be a one year commitment for every race or portion thereof that you choose to sponsor. We will represent your company’s association with the highest level of professionalism and pride as well as be a positive influence to increase your sales and brand awareness.



Thank you,

Ron Rigdon – Owner/Driver

Circle Heart Racing




· Increase Brand Awareness

· Increase Brand Coverage

· Increase Brand Loyalty

· Media & Logo Exposure (Internet, print, radio, & TV)

· Platform to Launch New Programs

· Special Recognition in Community

· Drive Sales

· Demographics


Increase Brand Awareness:

· To fans and spectators at the track in attendance every season.

· Research shows that a potential customer needs to see a company’s name 7 times to remember them.

· Potential customers will see your company’s name an average of 30 times per race weekend.

· The sponsor’s name may be announced numerous times during qualifying and the main event.


Increase Brand Coverage:

· The sponsor’s name will be seen at different race tracks in the Southeastern United States. These are

  the tracks in which we will compete.

o Road Atlanta (Braselton, GA)

o Roebling Road (Savannah, GA)

o Lowes Motor Speedway (Charlotte, NC)

o Carolina Motorsports Park (Kershaw, SC)

o Barber Motorsports Park (Birmingham, AL)

o Mid Ohio (Ohio)

o Other Tracks TBA

· The sponsor’s name could also be seen at many Professional Dealer Auto Auctions in the southeast

o Atlanta Auto Auction

o Georgia Dealers Auto Auction

o Bishop Brothers Auto Auction

o Other Auctions TBA

· In addition to the above listed locations the sponsor’s name will be seen on the race trailer while in

  transit on the interstate and highways. A rolling billboard seen by thousands of potential customers.

· Your company’s Name and Logo will be seen at numerous appearances made for Santa’s Toy Run 2012.

· The sponsor’s name will be seen on the race trailer at my Car Dealership, located on a major thoroughfare

   by more than 28,000 passing motorist daily.

· Many of the Fans, Racers, Crews, and Racing Community are potential customers for your product or service.


Increase Brand Loyalty:

· 72% of race fans testify to buying or using the sponsor’s product. More so than any other sport.

· 55% of race fans said they would “almost always” purchase or use a sponsor’s product over that of a closely priced competitor

· Circle Heart Racing will be a consumer demonstrating your company’s product or service.


Media and Logo Exposure:

· Your logo will be placed throughout our race team and equipment.

o On the Race Car

o On the Race Car Trailer

o On the drivers race suite

o On the drivers apparel worn outside of the racing facilities

o On spirit wear worn by the crew & fans alike

· Media Exposure – Publication that follow racing

o Internet web sites











o Printed publications  

§ The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

§ Gainesville Times

§ The Gwinnett Post Tribune

§ The Gwinnett Citizen

§ Grassroots Magazine

o Radio

§ WDUN – weekly morning race show

§ Clear Channel’s 94.9 The Bull for Santa’s Toy Run

§ Georgia Focus Syndicated Show for Santa’s Toy Run

§ Numerous other stations that give race results and interviews

o Television

§ Fox Sports Net – South

§ The Speed Channel

§ CBS Atlanta for Santa’s Toy Run

§ WXIA Atlanta for Santa’s Toy Run

§ VS – Verses TV Station

Platform to Launch New Program, Products or Service

o Advertisements which can be changed periodically to show new offers for your company.

o Arrangements can be made with the Race Track to have hand-outs or other promotional items.

o Opportunities to display your product at every race.

o Appearances can be scheduled to promote your company’s existing or new product or service.

o  We are negotiating with numerous Auto Auctions for appearances with our race car and trailer.


Special Recognition in Community

· Charities – Speedway Children’s Charities –– Great opportunity for your company to be recognized  

 when we make appearances or other fundraiser function for these organizations.

o Circle Heart Racing is committed to raising over $10,000 this season for the Speedway

   Children’s Charities – a 501(c) (3) non-profit corporation.

o Circle Heart Racing will support and carry the logo for Speedway Children’s Charities and will

   make public appearances on their behalf where you companies logo can be seen.

o Other charities which we are involved with are Gwinnett Children Shelter, Gwinnett PADV,

    Piedmont CASA, A Friend’s House, Haven House and Noah’s Ark

o Special recognition can be given to the newly formed Circle Heart Foundation for Kids in need.

· This is the kind of positive exposure to promote and demonstrating you company’s support and devotion to children in need

    because a portion of all sponsorships received is donated to these organizations.


Drive Sales:

· This will be done by putting your company name in front thousands of potential customers weekly.

· Aggressively seeking new customers for your product or service on and off the race tracks.

· Drive many prospective customers to your location or web site to increase traffic and sales.



· Male 57%, Female 43%

· Ages Under 18 – 5%, 18 – 24 18%, 25 – 34 32%, 35 – 44 26%,

· Income - $20,000 - $30,000 15%, $30,000 - $49,000 21%, $50,000 + 29%



Sponsors receive a huge amount of attention from fellow racers, faithful fans and the media that follow the racing circuit and driver. This translates into positive advertising for your business promoting sales. As you well know, the more exposure that your company receives, to potential customers, the more you stand to gain financially. Racing is a growing sport that has a loyal fan base; all prospective customers. Just take a look at the people attending these races and you will see most everyone with spirit wear displaying the favorite car, driver and/or sponsors name. This is true more so than any other sport. Another important fact competitive racing is so popular is because its family oriented.


Circle Heart Racing needs your support for the 2015 racing series. Our projected cost from now through December of 2015 will be $45,000 to $55,000. That is approximately $1400 to $1600 per race depending on the circumstances. This does not reflect the cost of the race car, trailer and truck; which I invested in excess of $70,000. Some of our ongoing expenses include safety equipment, computerized scales for setting up the car, regular maintenance including engine and carburetor rebuilds, fuel, tires, brakes components, travel, and entry fees, plus many other expenses. These things will allow me to have a fast car to compete and run up front gaining great recognition and exposure for your company. (Breakdowns of these costs are available upon request).


Circle Heart is asking for your participation; in turn we will provide quality advertising, promotions, media attention, and massive exposure to potential customers. We propose a 1 year commitment from your business plus the cost of the graphics on our race car, race car trailer and uniforms. This is a great value when you consider everything included in this entitlement proposal. Perhaps sponsorship could be shared from one of your vendors that offer cooperative advertisement. We will provide a sponsorship package at any amount you can budget on a per race schedule that will be a positive reflection on your product or company.


This entitlement proposal can positively increase your sales through the exposure to the auto auctions, race track and community, paired with affiliations to the non-profit organizations and huge amount of media attention. This is by far a win – win situation; truly an association that you can be proud of and benefit financially from.


Thank you for the opportunity to meet and discuss this entitlement proposal. All support will be greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide any more information that would help in your decision. I can be reached at 404-925-7350 or 770-237-5542 at my dealership.



Ron Rigdon – Owner/Driver

Circle Heart Racing

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