Circle Heart Racing

Racing to bring a better tomorrow for children in need of a smile today

“Miles of Smiles”


Ron Rigdon—Owner/Driver

Ron began racing in 2003 with INEX in a Legends Car (Open wheel sprint car). To date he raced in more than 100 races with 30 top 5 finishes, 2 Championship Runner-ups and Championship in 2007. In 2005 he also raced in the NASCAR Whelen Series in a Factory Four Scirocco finishing with 8 top 5 finishes. In 2008 Ron qualified and was licensed for the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) and NASA (National Auto Sports Association) to race on different Road Course Circuits. He completed 2008 season with NASA winning Rookie of the Year and his first Championship with 10 wins and 2 top five finishes. In 2009 he completed all required training to become a Certified Instructor. He also went on to win the 2009 Legend Series  and 2011Honda Challenge 1 Series Championships. Ron is the current Honda Challenge Director with NASA-SE.


Debbie Rigdon—Co-Owner/Administration

Debbie is the hub on the wheel. She takes care of all the administration, bookings, licensing and over all organization for Circle Heart Racing and Circle Heart Foundation coming in 2012.


Jason Flickinger—Engineer/Co-Driver - Honda S2000

Jason is the Owner of Southern Appalachian Auto in Lawrenceville, GA and is the Chief Engineer and car fabricator for the #28 2000 Honda S2000 to be raced in Honda Challenge 1 in 2011. Jason has spent many years with Circle Heart Racing assisting Ray in building the Legends car and brings a vast amount of knowledge to the team. Jason, by trade, is a Master Technician and specializes on Honda and Acura as well as a great history in racing. Jason has designed the S2000 from scratch in search of a National Title in 2011.


Pete Bottone - Crew Chief

Pete is a critical part of the circle Heart Racing team ensuring the car is ready before and during every race. He brings great mechanical skills to our team. He is a certified master technician and know exactly what to do and when to do it making the car very competitive in Honda Challenge.


Ray Scott—Crew Chief/Engineer - Legends Cars

Ray is the owner of Red Line Pro Motorsports in Jefferson, GA and chief engineer for the #8 and #28 Legends Cars. Ray has been around since the inception of the Legends Cars over 15 years ago. He mainly specialized in circle track racing and has many cars with Championship Titles across the United Stated however Road Course Racing brought a whole new challenge. Through his remarkable talent he engineered, set up and made drastic change to the Legends Car making it one of the fastest race cars over all other classes including BMW, Honda, Mazda, Porsche plus many more.


RIP - Bob Stansel—Crew

Bob brought a lot of fabrication knowledge to the team. He has worked diligently providing support for Circle Heart before, during, and after every event. Bob is truly a great friend. Bless his sole RIP



There is a current opening for a new crew member. Must have a passion for the sport and kids.


Circle Heart’s Mission

Ron wants to operate Circle Heart Racing as a platform to bring donations and recognition to children in need including the organizations that support them. “I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to drive a race car, have 3 loving children and 11 grandchildren; it’s important that I  give back on and off the track.” For the past 9 years Circle Heart Racing has been heavily involved with numerous charities in the Atlanta and surrounding area. I work closely with many other non-profit organizations like Gwinnett Children’s Shelter, KidStuff-USA, A Friends House, VFW National Home for Children, PADV (Battered women’s shelter), Haven House, Noah’s Ark and many more. Please support Circle Heart Racing with our challenging endeavor to help provide for children in need, they are counting on us!”

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Circle Heart Racing

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