Veterans & Families Honored at NASA's Road Atlanta June Jam

On Father's Day June 17th Circle Heart Racing put a new twist on the National

Auto Sport Association's annual June Jam at Road Atlanta. Over the three-day

weekend, while auto sports enthusiasts watched the seeding of the favorite

drivers and the auto sport racing events, NASA honored the military veterans

throughout the region. Circle Heart Racing decided to go one step further and

give free admission for the entire weekend for the veterans and their families

with complimentary car decals for each veteran present. Circle Heart Racing is

sponsored by Ron Rigdon, Southeast Region, Director of the Honda Challenge.

Circle Heart invited two special veterans and their families to the festivities.

Retired 38-year career vet Robin Wiscovitch attended the June Jam to watch his

grandson Jordan Anderson who races in NASA's Lightening Division. Also 89

year-old veteran Hubert L. Naramore attended June Jam where his

grandchildren, triplets Adreana, Brittany, and Connor Palmquist, as members of

the Gwinnett Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol Color Guard, presented the colors

at the event. The veteran duo were honored when they and their families visited

the Circle Heart Racing group for lunch.

Born in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, Mr. Wiscovitch will be 91 this year. He is still

very active with his church, gardening and yard work, living alone in the family

homestead of 44 years. His favorite activity is to travel to support every function

his grandchildren are participating in, especially his grandson, Jordan Anderson,

who was a participant in the June Jam event. He is characterized as a man who

believes highly in placing the Lord first in all areas of his life and service to

others. He never meets a stranger, is kind-hearted and loving to all, and truly

serves his fellow man.

Mr. Wiscovitch called the military home for his career as he entered the Army in

1940 at the age of 18. His tours of duty included World War II, the Korean War,

the Vietnam War with 38 years of active duty and seventeen years in the Civil

Service for the Armed Service. He retired out of the military as an E-7 Sargent

1st Class and retired again from the Civil Service. He was stationed during WWII

in Hawaii for 23 months, France for three years, Panama for 26 months,

Germany for four months, and in Puerto Rico two years. He trained soldiers for

all three wars as his primary job for the advanced infantry.

Mr. Wiscovitch recently enjoyed the honor of being invited to fly on one of the

many Honor Flights to Washington, DC to see the memorials honoring the wars

of past. He is very proud of his service to the country and “feels honored to have

dedicated his life to serving the country he so dearly loves and defended for so

many years.”

His grandson, Jordan Anderson, who races in the Lightening Division of the

NASA is 21 years old and attends Belmont Abbey College where he has made

the Dean's List each year of his college career. As a graduating Senior in

Business with a concentration in Motor Sports, Jordan has been racing since

eight years old. He has competed in several racing divisions, including World

Karting Association, Bandolero cars, Legends Semi and Pro Divisions, Late

Model Dirt cars, Late Model Truck series, Super Late Model and Thunder

Roadster cars. He has accrued over 250 wins in his racing career and several


Jordan's stresses the importance of his “faith being the obedient call to trust in

God's provisions in all things from his racing to his personal life.” He is a guest

speaker in schools, churches, Rotary Club, and gives his testimony regularly as

a representative of Motor Racing Outreach of NASCAR. He participates in

neighborhood functions where he displays race cars, sign autographs, and

speaks to young people about setting goals and being obedient to parents. His

entire family including his grandfather, Robin Wiscovitch, are present at each

race and give him total love and support as he continues “on the Lord's chosen

path for his life, NASCAR being the ultimate goal.”

Also attending the Road Atlanta June Jam on Father's Day was Hubert

Naramore, World War II veteran and his triplet grandchildren, Adreana, Brittany,

and Connor Palmquist, along with Joey Peterka, who as members of the Civil

Air Patrol's Gwinnett Composite Squadron GA 112 Color Guard, introduced the

colors at the day's event. Theirs is a family who passes the spirit of military

service from generation to generation. Three generations were present on this


Mr. Naramore was active duty in WWII from 1942-1944 in the European theater

of the war. He served in the Advance Armored Division in General Patton's Third

Army. He rode overseas on the Queen Mary, participated in the English

diversion of Hitler's forces by making them believe the Allies would invade at

Calais, France, and came on shore at Normandy Beach two weeks after D-Day.

Mr. Naramore's experiences parallel the major events of the European theater of

the war as he was active in liberating Paris, capturing Metz, Germany, forging

the decisive spearhead that came to be known as The Battle of the Bulge, and

even helped liberate a concentration camp.

While Mr. Naramore did not make the military a career, he inspired a new

generation of service in his grandchildren. Born in Fort Gaines, Georgia, he lived

there most of his life until he remarried and moved to Cartersville, Georgia.

Turning 90 this year, Mr. Naramore has always been active in his church,

standing as a leader in his community and providing an excellent model of The

Greatest Generation for his children and grandchildren.

The Palmquist 16-year-old triplets as members of the CAP Gwinnett Color

Guard travel throughout the county as ambassadors for the Gwinnett VFW Post

5255, displaying the colors at civic events, including Memorial Day and Veteran

Day parades, Gwinnett Braves' games, church events, corporate events, and

any function the VFW requests. Connor after three years of service is a C/Major

in CAP and serves as Executive Officer and Color Guard Commander. Brittany

and Adreana after two years of service are C/2nd Lieutenants, serving as Cadet

Safety Officer and Cadet Public Affairs Officer respectively. Joey Peterka

C/Captain after four years of service is the current Cadet Squadron


Keeping a family tradition alive that began with Mr. Naramore's service to his

country, the triplets' father, Toby Palmquist, is a 1st Lieutenant senior member

after three years and serves as Public Affairs Officer for the composite

squadron. Mr. Naramore's war stories and service have inspired new

generations of family members who value and honor the sacrifices of our

military. For additional information about Civil Air Patrol go to or

We appreciate these veterans' service in the name of freedom and these

families who seek to honor the sacrifice of their grandfather's generation and

want only to carry forward the great tradition of service to God, family, and

country. God Bless America and Thank God for racing!

To learn more about the Honda Challenge Racing and the charities of Circle

Heart Racing, visit their website at

Veterans of NASA-SE Honored